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Frequently Asked Questions - Facebook Covers


We have received a lot of emails asking why sometimes the covers are not uploading correctly.

>>> To those it may concern, please go to the NEW version of our WEBSITE, HERE.

Upload our covers from and there should not be any problem.


If you stll encounter some issues, please contact us on our Facebook Page: here or using our Twitter account: here.

How do i get the new 'Timeline'?

Click Here and press the green "Get Timeline" button at the bottom.

What is a 'Cover'?

A cover is the larger photo over the rest your timeline, right behind your profile picture.
Similar to the header of a blog or a splash page of a web site, the Cover photo is the very first thing your friends and potential subscribers will notice when visiting your Timeline. Facebook Covers are public, which means anyone visiting your timeline will be able to see them.

How do I upload a cover?

Simply find a design that you like the most and press the '+Add to Facebook' button below it! Allow our application, and it will do almost everything else for you.

I'm having trouble adding a cover! Help?!

After clicking '+Add to Facebook' and accepting the application, you should be redirected back to the cover page and get a popup showing the uploading in progress. If you are not getting this popup, clear your browser's cookies. Not sure how to clear cookies? Click Here. Don't worry its completely harmless.

How do I change a cover?

You just upload another one, and it will replace your existing cover. But don't worry all your covers are saved in an album, so they are not getting completely deleted.

How do I delete a cover?

Find the album named 'CoverLover Photos', select the cover you wish to delete, and click the 'Delete This Photo' link on the bottom right of the window.

How do I delete an album?

Click 'Photos' from your profile to see all your albums, then click the album u wish to delete, from there click the 'Edit Album' link at the top of the page above your photos, lastly click 'Delete Album' at the bottom of the popup.

Is it safe to allow the CoverLover Facebook Application?

Yes! Unlike other Cover sites, our application will not ask or collect any personal information such as email, phone numbers, etc. The only thing our application is allowed to do, is create an album named 'CoverLover photos' and upload Covers that you choose from into it.


If you are having trouble uploading covers, please follow these steps:
1)Clear cookies and cache
2)Refresh the page
3)Try to upload again

For further questions, Contact Us

More Information

Thank You for reading our FAQs Section, hope we helped. Feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are always improving and adding Facebook Covers, so be sure to check back often!